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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Spring Semester Winds to an End

Today was the last exam for my last class for this semester. Usually the follow-up question is, "How many more of these do you have?" To which I never know how to respond. I am in a 90 hour graduate program with soon to be 66 hours under my belt. If all the classes I need are offered when I need, the best possible answer is three semesters. Sadly I think that rotations may be off just enough that I might be looking at four. I guess I could get extra crazy and try for two, but with Greek III and Hebrew III waiting in the wings for next semester, I think that is out. So, "Three-ish semesters more" it is!

So usually just after I finish my last exam I usually book my evenings solid for the next month until I faint from exhaustion. I think this year I should also wear a nametag when I attend functions to remind my friends what my name is. This might not be necessary, but I think at least one person hesitated before they said my name on Sunday. Though likely a fluke, one can never be too certain. I imagine at least one person thinks I moved to another city, or joined the foreign legion, but it might just be the cashier at Red River. Of course if she knew me well enough, she would know that I am not in the foreign legion, but in 11 days I will be in a foreign region. Yep, Israel is nearly upon me and though I can't recall the last time I had a craving for ham, I figure it will hit me in about 12 days.

Of course I need to start preparing for this trip at sometime soon. It would be wonderful if I could get my assigned book read before the trip. This would free me up to actually enjoy the trip. Besides, I really would like to read for pleasure on this trip.

I tell you, falling asleep with a selected book is very different than an assigned book. I believe it is more than the paper texture and thickness, but even the dreams seem to differ quite dramatically. Speaking of dreams, I think I am going to find a book to curl up with. Then I will allow its flowing words to float my cares away and transport me into dreamland.

Yes, this is my redefinition of "Facebook."

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  1. Congrats My Dear! I know how much goes into that! My Christian tv has 'favorited' your Christian tv (that would be the soon to be not-so-dormant Kindred Kollections!)Christian tv