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Friday, May 11, 2012

Only Hours Remain...

From my vantage point I can see my suitcase. It is splayed with future contents surrounding it--much like vultures, they are ready to decend at any moment. Perhaps they terry since they secretly know that once encapsulated, they will remain confined and untouched for well over 24 hours! 50 pounds is the limit and I find it hard to come close. My first attempt had me at only 20, half of which I figure was luggage. So maybe I can take more and buy less, after all. Still, no reason to take my apartment with me. This is fitting, since I know my apartment well and Israel, little. Why should I take my apartment along, only to see it elsewhere? It is Israel I want to see, not this. It is fine for the turtles, to carry their homes, but not for this creature. This could very well be the reason that they travel so slow!

Well I am making good progress on my readings, but still much to do. Maybe I should just close up after this chapter, get my suitcase closed up, and close my eyes for a spell.

Still, I feel like finishing up this book to free me up all the more on this trip. To rest is like asking a child to wait 8 hours for Christmas morn. Better to hold back the tide than to chide the sleeplessly eager. With this I close out the pre-trip entries. Stay tuned...

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