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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Just one week left!

Today marks one week until I should be on my way to Israel. I can't say that my suitcase is packed, but I have things stacked on top of it. Though I doubt that really counts even remotely packing. Yep, I have a lot left to do. There is catching up on a semester's worth of sleep, finding my apartment under a semester's worth of homework, and all with only one week to do it. Such pressure!

Speaking of pressure, there is also the sensation of added pressure that I have in my left hand. It would be wise for one to reconsider actions before engaging into martial arts with machinery. The outcome is never good and the stories are just, plain embarrassing, though after a few weeks they prove to be thoroughly delightful anecdotes. I think there will be some youtube video that the store clerks will someday post about my stumblings. Though I would like to ask for a refund on those 5 seconds of fame. Hopefully it will be fine by trip time. Otherwise, well this will be interesting to say the least.

The lesson learned is to not be hasty. Fast and frenzied are the faulty and fallen. I wonder how many times in life I have gone with the moment when I should have thought things through. Hindsight is 20/20 right?

Patience and trust are two biggies that God is working on me these days. Life is filled with risks, but it is of greater risk to never risk at all. After all, every cub leaves the den at some point and explores the world. Fear is the friction to the wheels of change. Faith is the oil that greases the wheels. Skepticism is the wrench in the system that destroys these wheels (and picks apart simple analogies, including this one). Simply put, fear is misplaced trust. When trust is properly placed, it becomes faith.

I often am asked what will I do after I graduate. I don't know. Does it concern me? Only when I think about it. I wish I knew even what tomorrow would bring. I am not entrusted with tomorrow, all I have to work with is today. To live in tomorrow is to squander today. Today is too rich an investment to spend frivolously. I am consciously choosing to focus on what I have and not enumerating what I wish I had. Oh trust me, I could wish a great many things but these are not the goal. They are but part of a greater journey. I don't know exactly where my journey will take me, but for now it seems to be to Israel. So stay tuned to hear what's around the next bend.

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